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On a WordPress, theme is an attraction that makes the visitors ‘fall in love at first sight’. Even a WordPress content that is not too overlooked, do not be a problem if you have an interesting and unique theme. But not all plugin themes can be hit in the hearts of the visitors to the web, and it requires a web manager to keep looking for theme that fit and attract attention. Plus, a lot of visitors who do not like the same theme in a long period of time, so one more task added to the web manager. Looks a bit troublesome, indeed. But the visitor is the king who helped raise the ranking of a web in SEO. Especially if coupled with good and pleasant comments left by them satisfaction for the manager to add the web. That is, a stage success through themes, have been successfully implemented.

To realize of all that, they need a plugin:
– Can provide an interesting theme in an easy way
– Can provide some interesting theme and is not monotonous
– Can adjust to the news or content contained therein

Especially for a website that presents news, of course, require different specificities, so that when visitors reach the homepage, the visitors already know that your website is a website specifically designed for news and all things associated with the latest news as well as documentation. There is a very appropriate plugin for it, Unspoken premium wordpress.

Features contained in it are:

  • Theme Options Panel. With this advanced options panel, you can easily customize every details of your theme to best suit your needs.
  • Custom Shortcodes. Unspoken theme include Custom Shortcodes that allow you to easily add buttons, social buttons, columns, boxes, and more to your pages, posts, and widgets.
  • Search Engine Optimized. Google will love your site very much!
  • Threaded Comments Support. Now all discussions are carried out quick and easy.
  • Multiple Layouts. You can easily convert your website from Magazine to Blog.
  • Google Analytics Ready. You don’t have to be lost in code now! Just paste a ‘google analytics’ code with one click.

While the unique features contained in it are:

  • Video Tutorial & Documentation. The video guide will complete your blog and web.
  • Built in support for Social Bookmaking. Built-in social bookmarking buttons allow users to share links to your site in a single click.
  • 5 Custom Menu Locations. For your convenience we prepared five locations for the Menu which you can check out and choose at standard WordPress function.
  • 3 Pagination types. Choose your personal pagination type from a standard (Prev – Next). Twitter-style “Load More” or a trendy “Infinite Loading” powered by jQuery.
  • Custom Pages
  • 7 Alternative Styles. The theme includes 7 alternative color styles which you can preview in the demo. The visitors will never be bored to always log into your web and blog.
  • Custom Widgets. The theme has a widgetized 1 sidebar and 4 footer, and as always comes with 8 custom Widgets (Ad Space, Popular Posts, Get Commected, Tabs, Subscribe, Comments, Flickr and Twitter).
  • Highly Adjustable Home Page
  • Featured Slider. A custom home page featured slider to showcase particular video posts, all powered by jQuery. Full control over what appears here and where the caption must be positioned.


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