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Category: Software


On a WordPress, theme is an attraction that makes the visitors ‘fall in love at first sight’. Even a WordPress content that is not too overlooked, do not be a problem if you have an interesting and unique theme. But not all plugin themes can be hit in the hearts of the visitors to the web, and it requires a web manager to keep looking for theme that fit and attract attention. Plus, a lot of visitors who do not like the same theme in a long period of time, so one more task added to the web manager. Looks a bit troublesome, indeed. But the visitor is the king who helped raise the ranking of a web in SEO. Especially if coupled with good and pleasant comments left by them satisfaction for the manager to add the web. That is, a stage success through themes, have been successfully implemented.

To realize of all that, they need a plugin:
– Can provide an interesting theme in an easy way
– Can provide some interesting theme and is not monotonous
– Can adjust to the news or content contained therein

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